Friday, August 6, 2010

Little Seeds + Little Sun & Water = Big Flowers

Wes and I had entertained the idea of having our own garden for about a year and we finally began one this past spring. We started it a little late in the season but I think it's been pretty successful so far. My favorite have been the sunflowers - the size of them - the kids planted them in a cleaned out a mason jar which we kept in the kitchen so they could water it and watch the seeds sprout. Today the sunflowers tower over our neighbors 8 ft fence! I hope to plant more next year.

Our tomatoes were planted in pots on the back deck (along with a hanging Topsy Turvy) and the deer have eaten the leaves and chewed up the stems. After the attack, my neighbors taped a few tomatoes to a stick and nestled them into our destroyed plants - then laughed at us form their back deck as we surprisingly inspected the new growth! The pots have since been transferred to the fenced in area and we hope the plants will survive.

Wes is really enjoying the pumpkins he planted this past June - the vines have overtaken the garden and we are getting small blooms - I think he is secretly proud of how big these things are. We should have pumpkins for carving and baking seeds by Halloween.

Things to come: I want to plant a few herbs and since it so warm here, I don't think it's too late for that. Next year we will plan ahead and plant more edibles in the early spring. I'm also looking for ideas to make the garden more attractive, like making a cute "welcome to my garden" type sign for the gate and I want to paint an old mailbox to store garden tools inside the garden area vs the garage. Overall, we've enjoyed it so far and the kids love their job of watering the plants and having the fat bunnies our garden has attracted.

Speaking of bunnies - two "garden" books the kids have liked reading (over and over again) are Muncha, Muncha, Muncha and Tippy, Tippy, Tippy, Hide by Candace Fleming.

A few days after we planted the sunflower seeds.

Pumpkin Vines - still babies here.

View of Garden.
Apple tree is in background. Pumpkins vines are just starting to grow here and the sunflowers were getting taller. This was before we had to move the potted tomatoes inside the gate.

Our Tall Sunflower!
The sun rises behind our home so the flower faces toward the woods behind us, we get to see the back of its head from the deck. This picture was taken after we were away for a week at the beach and had very dry weather at home - the poor guy looks parched!