Friday, September 3, 2010

Vomit (bleck)

Ever hear a child vomit at 2AM? It's not the best sound to wake up to. My 5 year old was sleeping when the gaging and spewing suddenly began. He is just fine (treated with lots of love and hugs) but, whoa, what a mess... in his hair all over his chest, bed, pillow, and floor. And of course, hubby is out of town so the job is all mine!

A few things that have worked for me when the vomit comet arrives:
1. I think it would be quiet frightening for a child to experience this with a parent who is freaking out. Stay Calm! You stay calm = they stay calm. It would be a very stressful situation if alot of crying or screaming were involved. SHOW them that it's okay.
2. Talk kids through what is happening. Tell them what that "stuff" is and why it is coming out of them. I simply say, "That is vomit. Your tummy doesn't like what is in there; your tummy wants it to come out."
3. What a mess this can be! One day, they will recognize the signs before it comes up and make it to the bathroom but until then, I just deal with it as it comes. Always get them cleaned up first! Remove clothes the best you can. When the clothes get messy, I have found it helpful to fold or roll up the shirt from the bottom and contain anything on the front. That way I do not smear their face and hair in it as I remove it. Throw clothes in the sink or tub for now. (And yes - it will probably get on you too! I cleaned vomit from under my fingernails and from between my toes tonight. Did you just gag?)
4. My kids then enjoy a warm bath, a small cup of water and a good tooth brushing.
5. And the scrubbing begins. Let's talk about your work environment first the windows and set the fan to high speed so we're not adding to the mess with our own upchucking! A little Febreeeze helps too.
6. Clean up. I grab a roll of paper towels to wipe up the thick stuff (eeww, chunks)  and have a plastic bag for quick and easy disposal. Spray carpet with cleaner (I've had success with ChemDry Stain Extinguisher) and let it soak in while you rinse whatever is needed (blankets, clothes, etc) in the tub or sink and get them in the wash pronto. Then start working on the floor...
7. Great job dear mom! Be on guard for the next one with a towel, trashcan , etc... and I hope that your little guy feels better soon.