Monday, July 5, 2010

These Trails I Run

 I read this article recently about trail runners and thought this guy was right on. Below are a few pictures from trails I run with quotes from The Elusive Trail Runner by Adam W. Chase.

"They (trail runners) are not joiners and they often run trails to get away from it all." 

"Trail runners tap into the off-road running experience as a freeing escape that allows them to recharge their emotional and spiritual batteries while they commune with nature through physical exertion."

"Trail runners are people who like adventure, variety, challenge and excitement. The essence of trail running is the ability to deal with constant change. No two steps are the same on the natural obstacle course of off-road terrain. Even if you run the same trail day after day, you will soon learn that the trail has a life of its own. One day it may be dry and hard, the next it may be wet and sloppy."

"Trails offer the opportunity to retreat from the masses, and to escape to a place of tranquility where your mind may wander without any concern for traffic. The distraction of having to scout each footstep can lull you into a peacefulness that cannot be found in a paved and populated environment."

"...trail runners maintain a solo spirit."

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